The Girlfriend Quiz Game

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A question for the ages…but we've got your answer here.

Click the answer that sounds most like you and then click next. Don't think too long about your answers!

This simple girlfriend quiz consists of only ten questions. No, we're not talking about mathematical problems here so there's no need to strain your brain for the correct answers. These multiple choice questions tackle different parts of your personality, scrutinizing a different part of your behavior when in a relationship. This means that aside from asking about your ideal date, you will also have to reveal what issue caused your last relationship to end. Or at least which of the choices is closest to the reason. Don't worry, your answers won't be secretly sent to your friends.

Figuring Things Out

Now, you don't have to make any of the answers fit if they're really way off the mark. For those times when nothing seems like a good match, choosing option E (None of the Above) is your best bet. This makes it so that the question will not be factored in when tallying the results. Of course, answering E for all the questions still gives a result so if you're curious, you can do that too if you want to.

The graphics for "What Kind of Girlfriend Are You?" are kept simple, with no cheesy little details like glitter or an overload of the color pink. We do like the cute illustrations that are used to depict each one of the girlfriend stereotypes. The artwork is pretty chic so it's hard to get disappointed with any of the results. In the end, it doesn't really matter if you got identified as a Soppy Girlfriend or a Jealous Girlfriend, at least the artwork you get is fabulous.

Needs More Details

That being said, the game lacks any information about the various girlfriend types. You get the name of the one that applies to you and that's pretty much it. We would have preferred to have some sort of explanation, quirky quotes or even fun add-ons such as typical accessories and fashion staples per stereotype. That way, there is more content to enjoy and appreciate especially if the results end up being accurate.

Also, added features such as a way to share the quiz with friends or having the ability to check out how you answered compared to the majority of people who took the test would add some more value for serious quiz takers. To set it apart from tests using HTML forms, it would be nice to see interactive content such as mini games or animations.

Of course, with only ten questions to base things on, this girlfriend quiz isn't really meant to be the answer to all your relationship woes. While it does offer some insight regarding your personality, it will not tell you how to get over your bad relationship habits. It also will not reveal the secret to improving your chances at getting Mr. Right so just try it for fun and don't be discouraged if you end up getting a result you don't dig. Who knows, maybe you'll end up meeting someone who will appreciate you for being a Wedding Bells kind of gal anyway.

The Verdict: Worth Your Fifteen Minutes of Amusement

The "What Kind of Girlfriend Are You?" quiz is perfect for anyone who wants to learn a new tidbit about themselves as well as those who enjoy taking online tests in general. Even if the features are limited, the simple quiz still offers an insightful tidbit about your personality. At least you only need to spend a few minutes to confirm whether or not your gal pals are telling the truth about you. On the other hand, if you're looking for something more than a text-based mini game, then this girlfriend quiz may not be your cup of tea.