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Webelinx Love Story Games for Android

webelinx love story games

Rather than just link to one game, we thought we would tell you more about a series of popular games. Webelinx specialises in making free love story games for teenage girls. They have a large collection on Android and iOS including their popular title "Anime Love Story Games: Shadowtime". It's part virtual reality, part RPG with a manga look to the world. What makes the game so much fun to play is you get to play out difference choices on your way to finding true love which means there are different ways to play the game.

vampire romance game

Their Vampire Romance edition is clearly inspired by the Twilight books and movies, again your decisions in the game will lead you on different paths to finding romance and adventure.

Shall We Date Series

shall we date love series

Perhaps the only rival to Webelinx series of dating and romantic games is Solmare Corporation's "Shall We Date" series. These are Japanese translated love games that have actually been on the Android store for a lot longer than the Love Story series by Webelinx and have similar ratings for each version. For example we take a look at and review Shall we date? Blood in Roses here - a vampire love themed version of their game brand. Solmare currently have 9 love games available, all of which are free to play.

obey me lucifer: shall we date

Their highest rated version is "Obey Me! Shall We Date". Here you can play as either boy or girl and there is an intimacy level system in the game, so depending on how you interact and flirt with different characters will dictate whether you fall in love or not. Otome dating sims like Obey Me are designed for girls but if your a romantic type of guy, you will enjoy Solmare's games too.

Hatoful Boyfriend: A Hilarious & Unique Love Game About Pigeons!Hatoful Boyfriend game

Ok so having a game based around pigeons as one of our recommendations on the list is risky business, but you just have to give Hatoful Boyfriend a try if your willing to part with $4.99 of your hard earned money (or your parents :)). Afterall how often do you get to enter a school of pigeons as the only boy and look to find true love with one of them. This is a really light hearted approach to what can be a highly emotional niche of game. A pigeon love simulator is something out of the ordinary that's for sure.

If you think the choice of birds available to practice your love making skills on will be pretty boring, think again. Their are pigeons of all kinds to find romance with. From school teachers to pigeon biker gang members. Each with it's own unique personality and script depending on how to choose to flirt with them.

Why are we not surprised that Devolver Digital got their hands on publishing this one! While Devolver do bring unique games to the forefront for PC and gladly ported to mobile like this title, much respect has to go to Hato Moa, the creator of this visual novel game.

Moviestar Planet: Social Game

moviestar planet

In Moviestar Planet you can create an avatar of yourself, dress up, design clothes, play games, create movies and make new friends. You could even fall in love and meet a boy online! There is a second version of the game coming soon too. MSP is so much more than just a movie game for girls, you actually star in one yourself.

In the perfect and free teenage love game for girls you can meet real teenage boys and girls in ourWorld - an online game for cool people who really do have an eye for style, dance and socialising in the latest ways.

Find true virtual love in this interactive world where there are plenty of games and activities to take part in as well as groups and gangs to join.

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