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Everybirdies has somebirdie in Hatoful Boyfriend, the love simulator for lovers of all things feathered. Here, you play as the only human in St. PigeoNation's Institute, a school filled with birds of different species. Find love as you mingle with other gifted students. Interact with your crush and increase your chances of a happily ever after by joining club activities. Still stumped? Give him a present for St. Legumentines so he knows he's on your mind. Just remember that, like people, not all avians are the same and you'll have to pay attention to your beloved to win his heart.

Find Forbidden Love in Hatoful Boyfriend

Welcome to St. PigeoNation's Institute, a school for those who excel is science, sports or the arts. Here, you'll get a good education, mingle with birds of different species and maybe even find love. If you haven't heard of it yet, Hatoful Boyfriend is one of the quirkiest dating simulators out there that unlike many that are targetted pure at teenage girls, can be enjoyed by a wider audience base. Not only do you get to interact with birds as if they were human, you also get to initiate a romance with them. Don't assume they'll be easy to please just because they're avian. Just like every guy you've ever dated, they all have their preferences and pet peeves. The trick is to talk to these gifted birds and pay attention. Give them a gift for St. Legumentine's. Join a club that they're also a part of. Most importantly, don't make them feel like they're just like everybirdie else. As the only human in this exclusive high school, you'll need to be careful or you might just end up as the victim in a murder!

Are You in a Fowl Mood?

As if school life wasn't complicated enough, Hatoful Boyfriend takes things to a whole new level with its diverse blend of romance and crazy. As a sophomore student, your school life is already pretty busy. Add a dashing bird into the equation and, well, life is going to get even more exciting. For those who have never played a dating sim or a visual novel before, there's really no need to sweat it. The game plays much like a modern choose your own adventure would, wherein your choices will influences the events that unfold in the story. There's no skill required to get the best endings, really. So long as you pay attention, you'll be able to pick up clues from the dialogue. From choosing what to study to being nice to everybirdie, every choice you make has an impact on the story and will lead to a specific ending.

The tricky part lies in figuring out the route for the bird of your choice. If you're a loyal, one bird kind of person, then you'll want to read and read well. Yes, there's plenty of story to get lost in. Some birds star in your typical high school love story while others are involved plots far more fowl in nature. Regardless which bird you choose, this is not the game for you if you hate text-heavy titles. It's called a "visual novel" for a reason.

There's Somebirdie for Everybirdie

Hatoful Boyfriend: Find Forbidden Love

As you roam the halls of St. PigeoNation's Institute for the gifted, you will find yourself face to face with many a handsome bird. This might be unfamiliar territory for those who are used to more conventional romances, but there is an option to reveal what the bird of your dreams would look like if he were human. Once you've gotten that sneak peek, you'll need to settle and grow to love your chosen bird for the avian that he is. In Hatoful Boyfriend, you get to choose from a variety of species that have nothing to do with their looks or preferences at all.

That's not to say that they aren't interesting, however. For starters, there's a soporific math professor with the ability to fall asleep with his eyes open, a hyper, fantail pigeon that loves pudding and a creepy doctor who can't wait to feed you all sorts of drugs. You'll enjoy the dating aspect not just because of the unique characters, but the dialogue they're given too. Depending on which bird you go for, you may be on your way to one of two endings. Yes, you read right, some characters have multiple endings so if you have your heart set on someone and don't get their reward portrait, you may just want to try pursuing them again.

Mating for Life and Other Avian Traits

As you might have guessed, not everything is as it seems in St. PigeoNations Institute. Aside from having a variety of avian characters for you to date, there are also activities for you to enjoy such as purchasing beans for your feathered crushes or attending after school events. If you are to have any hope of winning over some picky birds, you'll also need to come to class. Does the apple of your eyes have an ear for sweet music? You might want to maximize the time you spend in that particular class. Raise one of three stats (WIS, VIT, CHA) or add points to them all and see where that takes you. Hatoful Boyfriend's narratives intertwine so you can play the game over and over again for different endings. Love good plots? The writing may not be up there with Rowling's works but the twists are deliciously unpredictable. Pass the "checks" and you'll be flying off into the sunset with your crush; fail and it's a grim game over.

Because the stories intertwine, you can try to wing it (get it) the first time around just to see where your guesses take you and then play armed with what you already know. Experimenting with different choices unlocks hidden routes and gives you the chance to collect all of the reward portraits. If you find yourself in a jam, well there's really no shame in taking a peek at the various walkthroughs available online. Just remember, nothing that's worth it comes easy.

An issue we have with Hatoful Boyfriend is the lack of portraits. While you do get one at the end your time at St. PigeoNation's, there aren't any to be found mid-game. It would have been nice to have a few to commemorate extra sweet scenes and dialogue. Another one would be the lack of interactive elements. It's not required in visual novels but it would have been nice to be able to have mini games to play with the birds.

For its uniqueness, replayability and charming avian characters, we recommend Hatoful Boyfriend for every love sim fan out there. The game is easy enough to get into even for those who are new to these types of titles and its art style is sure to please anime lovers.

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