Dial for Love Game

Dial up your dream dateā€”he's just a phone call away!

Decorate your phone, then dial a 5-digit number to discover your dream date for the evening. Proud of the cellphone you designed or the date you're set to meet? Upload a picture to your album, or set it as your avatar!

If you ever thought that the key to finding love is done by designing your own phone and then randomly calling someone with it, then yo will certainly enjoy this game (though you might have relationship problems later on). Kidding aside, Dial for Love is as silly and as fun as it sounds. The game is all about designing your own phone and then calling someone up with it. Sure, t does not really reflect much on how complicated real life dating can be, but it sure is more fun.

Very EasyRules

This isnt a game of skill so anyone who knows how to use a mouse can enjoy playing it. The rules are simple: pick a mobile phone and design it before dialing a five-digit number. Your perfect match will then be displayed and his avatar will be availabe for use.

Thoughthe main point here is to unlock as many guys as you can, the phone design segment is pretty entertaining as it is. First, you pick a phone type. Are you the type of gal who prefers the convenience of having a QWERTY keypad or is it all aboutthe sleek touch screen for you? Once you've chosen your kind of mobile device, you can then focus on designing it. You may choose to change its case and color, selecting from a variety of themes. If have a conservative style in mind then chooe a solid color. Do you want something more girly? There's an option for soft pastels and gradients too. Now if those are still not appealing to you, maybe you're better off choosing a case with a print decal

Once you've decided on the case, it will be time to add accessories to your phone. Thre are a number of charms you can add to make your phone more beautiful. There are animals such as a rabbit, a bear and a frog. There are also candies and lollipops as well as fruits, pastries and beaded chains. You are free to move the acessories around in order to attach them to a particular part of the phone. You can also add more than one if you're into flashy styles.

Calling Up

After finishing your mobile phone design, it will be time to call Mr. Right. Pick a five-digit number and wait for your results. side from the number you dialed, your sense of style affects the guy you get. For instance, if you went for loud gradient colors and some fancy phone bling, you may just get the rhyme rebel, Hip Hop Henry. Each result comes with an illustration for the guy as well as an entertaining description of what they can do. This is what makes Dial for Love more of a unique personality quiz rather than a dating game.

All in Good Fun

You can only take the quiz once per day. As long as you don't clear your cookies and you are not using the browser's incognito mode the guys you unlock will automatically be saved. This means that you can view them again and even share them with friends as avatars if you want to.

As for the graphics, well Dial for Love goes for the same girly vibe as franchises like Barbie, Sailormoon and Candy Candy. The layout is dominantly pink, with deicate pastels to tie everything together. The mobile phones and available accessories are shaded to look like they're rendered in 3D, making them look realistic. The unlockable portraits for the guys you call aren't anything that will wow you butat least the illustrations are pretty polished.

The Verdict: This Phone is Flippe

Overall, Dial for Love is a worthy time waster if you're into games of luck or if you like designing avatars. Though the phone you create probably won't do for a personal icon, it's interesting to see how it ties up with your personality analysis. Having said that, the game does offer a little bit of everything but it does not excel in any one aspect. Maybe if they added an actual quiz or a back story to explain the mechanics, the game would feel complete. It would also make it more accessible for young players who are new to the genre.