Dial for Love 2 Game

Love is in the air...but only if you've got enough phone bling!

Pick a cell phone, choose a cover, and decorate it with the dozens of stickers, badges, buttons, and charms available. When you're done, call the boy of your dreams and take some pics to remember your date. Then come back tomorrow for another phone, another boy, and another date!

Who says dating has to be complicated? Dial for Love 2 may be unrealistic in some ways, but it certainly presents a very non-stressful, easy to deal with, and hyper uncomplicated manner of meeting prospective dates. The point is to design a phone and then dial a person to date. Obviously, that would not work in real life, but the game makes a fairly simple show of it and somehow, the whole thing just sticks together as a solid title. This is a fun game to pick up and play if you are bored and need something to keep you occupied for a short while.

More Update than Sequel

Dial for Love 2 is almost exactly the same as the original save for the vast improvement in the graphics department. Of course, there are even more options to decorate your phone with and now, they're neatly grouped into four sets. The first one contains phone strap dangle charms. You've got a variety of animals, fruits and darling little objects which you can rotate, flip and resize to your heart's content. Regardless which type of phone you chose, there's bound to be something that suits your style. However, they don't actually attach to anything so you'll have to really have to consider where to position them so it doesn't look awkward.

The next section contains smiley faces which, like stickers, may be placed anywhere. You can put it on your screen to create an actual face for your phone or you can stick it at the back to add a stylish little detail at the corner. The game gives you the freedom to pick the eyes, nose and mouth combo you like so, rest assured, there are a myriad of different smileys you can create.

The third set of accessories contains other details you may want to add such as bows and hats for your phones. Yes, you read right, there are hats. Like the smileys, these probably represent stickers which can be used to accent the features of the mobile phone.

Lastly, the fourth section contains wallpapers for your virtual phone's home screen. Though it is limited in number, this is certain our favorite addition to the design aspect of the game. Aside from expanding on the design mechanics of the game, it also adds a sense of realism to the design. Anyway, who doesn't like cute wallpapers for their phones?

Visually Enhanced

Though the layout has been tweaked to look more sophisticated, the mechanics remain the same: design a phone, pick five numbers and press dial. The game then matches you with a guy to be your "date" for the day. If you're not happy with the bachelor you unlocked, you will have to wait until the next dsy in order to retake the quiz. Other than collecting the portraits of your dates and reading a sentence or two describing their personality, you don't really get to do anything else. This is what limits the game into just being classified as a quiz as compared to being an actual dating game.

Dial for Love 2 retains all the elements that made the first game special. Thanks to its mouse-only controls, it is accessible to a wide age range. In terms of replayability, well if you loved the original, there's no doubt that this will get plenty of gaming mileage too. Its charming good looks coupled with silly personality write-ups make the guys worth unlocking every day.

The Verdict: Worth a Dial

Your enjoyment of this title ultimately depends on how much time you're willing to spend on a game. If you're looking for something simple to distract you for a few minutes a day, then it may be just the perfect title for you. On the other hand, those who are after a game with an engaging storyline to keep them entertained for hours are advised to look elsewhere.

Regardless if you do end up launching the game often or not, there is no doubt that its mobile phone decorating twist is a unique one for the quiz genre. That alone is reason enough to at least check this title out