ourWorld: A teenage game for girls to socialise and chat with teenage boys onlineourworld valentines day love game

ourWorld is a cool love game for teenagers where you can meet new people online, dress up and socialise with many extra fun options. It has the most extensive range of virtual fashion items for teenage girls from all the dress up games while meeting people is really easy. Many teenagers have interacted and even found love online! Enter ourWorld Now

IMVU: A 3D Avatar Game Centred Around Romance3D Avatar Love Chat Game: Meet New People

Connect with like-minded people and add some spice into your love life with IMVU, a massive metaverse and love simulation game. It is the largest chat community online with more than 3 million active members. This is the social entertainment destination, opening up a world of possibilities with user-generated content such as games and virtual merchandise. From avatars to fashion items, almost anything is possible if you've got a good idea. Have the heart of a storyteller? There are role play groups which cater to a wide variety of interests. Chat, customize and create -- IMVU isn't your average social network.

Dial for LoveDial for Love: Game

Wouldn't life be more exciting if you could meet someone new every day? Dial for Love is a personality test delivered as a mini game. All you need to do is to pick a type of mobile phone and add your own stylish flair before punching in a five-digit number. This then connects you with your perfect match and makes his avatar available for use. Will you end up with Hip-hop Henry? Or perhaps your soul mate is Artistic Arthur. You'll never know until you apply your style to a mobile phone.

Not only is this game entertaining, the controls are also intuitive. The mechanics are simple enough even for those who are still new to casual gaming. Unlock as many dates as you can or play the game once just to get an idea which type of guy suits you best.

Dial for Love 2Dial for Love 2

Just like its predecessor, Dial for Love 2 is a personality test mini game. By choosing a mobile phone type and adding details that tailor the design to reflect your style, you also reveal something about the type of guy that complements your personality. Of course luck is also a factor because you will have to go with your instincts in choosing a five-digit number to dial. Once that is done, you are rewarded with an illustration of your guy as well as a short description of who he is so you can decide for yourself if the results are accurate.

Even if you've already played its predecessor, there's still something in store for you in Dial for Love 2. The graphics have since been updated and there are even more items which can be used to decorate your phone. There are new mobile phone dangle charms, stickers, bows, hats and a wide selection of wallpapers for your mobile phone's screen.

The Girlfriend QuizThe Girlfriend Quiz

Have your friends ever told that you were a Soppy Girlfriend? Maybe you've been told that you act like a Jealous Girlfriend once or twice. Well, here's your chance to prove those claims wrong (or right). The Girlfriend Quiz has ten questions that highlight a different part of your personality and dating attitude. These range from asking you about your preferred type of date to the problems you encountered during previous relationships. If in case none of the answers sound right to you, you can always go for option E, which is “None of the Above”. Once everything has been factored in then it's time to find out which category you fall under. Show your results to friends or ask them to take the quiz themselves to see which of you is the real "Wedding Bells Girlfriend".

My Super BoyfriendMy Super Boyfriend

What if you were eating your favorite ice cold sweet treat and your high heels decide to break? How about if a bully suddenly comes to add to your distress? How will you turn the day around? In My Super Boyfriend, all it takes is a single phone call. This mini game is all about luck. Once the troublemaker arrives, you simply have to input a five-digit number and wait until help arrives. However, your super boyfriends don't always save the day. Yet, part of the fun lies in not knowing how the bully will react to your darling. Who knows, if you punch in the right number you may even end up saving the day yourself.

If you do end up liking this quirky game and are left wanting more, then challenge yourself to unlock every zany character and scenario. Or better yet, check out My Super Boyfriend 2 to unlock zanier beaus and funnier scenarios.

My Super Boyfriend 2My Super Boyfriend 2

So you're having fun building a snowman when some hooligan decides to start a snowball fight. What do you do? You call your super boyfriend of course! My Super Boyfriend 2 has a whole new set of gallant heroes just waiting for their phone to ring. Aside from the fresh lineup of unlockable guys, the game play remains largely the same. You still rely on luck when choosing five digits to dial. The hero you generate is still not guaranteed to scare off the bully although getting the short end of the stick usually leaves you with hilarious results.

Will you get a Pop Star boyfriend? Or perhaps the Hypnotist that looks like he belongs in Big Bang Theory. Keep in mind that the numbers are randomly generated. This means that even if you remember which digits you dialed yesterday, the scenario won't necessarily play out the same. If luck isn't on your side and you don't get patched through to a guy, don't worry --as it turns out, your character can handle things herself. If you happen to be a completionist then the real challenge lies in unlocking all the boyfriends. Do you have what it takes?

Snail Bob 5: Love StorySnail Bob 5: Love Story

Help Snail Bob meet his celebrity crush in Snail Bob 5: Love Story. In this game, cupid's arrow strikes true and the mollusk ends up falling in love with a snail babe he saw on a rock poster. Because he has a long way to go, it is up to you to ensure that he encounters no road blocks and is not accidentally eaten by crocodiles or frogs. Bob continuously walks in a single direction, so you are in charge of unlocking doors, toggling switches for platforms, telling him to turn around and even asking him to speed up. There are 25 stages all in all, with hidden stars to pick up across them all. Manage to find enough and you get to unlock a total of 4 mini games. There's a whack-a-crab mini game, a matching type speed challenge, one that entails sorting food to store in an ant hill and some frantic undersea bubble collecting to play even long after you've helped Bob meet the apple of his eyes. To keep track of your progress, each level icon displays the number of stars you managed to collect. There are a total of 3 to be found per stage.

We have love games to make and break the hearts of girls on the internet. Whether you seek a bitter sweet or a super sweet romantic game where you can fantasise about meeting the perfect guy, check out one of flirtatious and heart warming games.

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